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Audi Sport Quattro replika.
Reflex silver metallic.
2,2L 3B 20v inline 5 cyl, Bored with JE 81,5mm pistons 9.3:1 compression, H-Profile rods, stock crank, all internals fully balanced and weight adjusted, Rs2 steel headgasket, ARP Bolts, Titanium retainers, High rated 034 Motorsport valve springs, stainless intake valves and inconel exhaust valves from
034 Motorsport, Mira cuted valve seats, Motorsport camshafts with adjusteble gears, KRB Intake, 70mm modified trothle, magnacore KV100 plug wires special order, innovative wide band lambda, Bosch 1680cc injectors, 3 x 044 fuel pumps, Aeromotive AN10 FPR, nuke fuelrail, compturbo 6767, custom mainfold, 4" downpipe, 3,5" exhaust all maid i stainless,
Audi S4 01E 6 speed gearbox, s2 diff,

Azev type A 17x8" modifided to look like S1 wheels powder coated white, with dunlop direzza for street and trackdays, OZ GT 17x8" wheels wit dunlop slics, BBS retro 16x8" street, S2 rear and front suspention, Derlin control arm bushings, aluminium crossmember bushings, fully adjusteble KW coilovers, custom alutopmounts with uniballs, RS2 swaybar and whiteline adjustble rear, Brakes 330mm discs with 8 piston calipers, six point roll-cage.

shorted 32cm between b and c pilar, motorsport oil cooler in the rear wing.

Best et on 1/4mile 9,63s 238km/h WR 
630WHp 596WNm 2012, power 2014 unknown

Special thanks to:

BSR AB, KRB, Bepo, Hexon, Lasse, Micke, 034motorsport





















[ Gearbox ]


went through the gearbox that broke down in the august, found some bearings that was bad.
did a fully restoration of it so now i got a spare gearbox for 2012.

[ New Photos ]


Some new photos of the sq and Anton's s2

[ Kjula drag way ]

On Kjula drag way i only managed to complete one run, i snapped all may spare inner and outer joints including the shafts, the grip over there was great, managed to do a 10,85s with no launch control and with loads of misfirering


[ Mk Brinkarna ]

Ended up on the 1rst place in my group in the elimination, in the 2 days event. In the qualification i broke a bolt and a joint. Managed to fix the joint to run the next day.


[ Action meet ]
Ended up on the third place with a broken gearbox and 11,19s, lost 1rst and 2nd gear.
Managed to drive it home by putting some force to get in the 2nd gear to start on.


[ first 10s run ]

Did my first 10 second round ended up in first place with 10,77 in the 4wd class


[ hultsfred ]

Builded a torsendiff, aded a pic of the engine bay.

movieclip from hultsfred


[Dyno run &  EDPS ]


We did some mapping and power mejurment at BSR AB we finished with 509WHp @ 1,7bar. at EDPS i had some issue with a relay cuting the ignition making the quattro run poor.



[Preparing ]


Preparing the quattro for the first dynorun.CT6067 fited

[Fully approved and street legal ]


Received my new 8pot brakes wit 330mm disks and the best thing it will fit in my 16"rims. I also upgraded the E- brake wit a nice handle. i got the noise level approved the max loudness is 84 db(a) but the sq only reached 74,5 db(a), then i had to mount side indicators for the registration. the front spoiler need some more work. The sq is now fully street legal, the new kw suspension kit is mounted they needed some work to get them 100% right

[More stuff ]


Received the documentation about my car from sfro that is required for the registration of the sq. also i started to make a front spoiler. i also got a new ABS that will replace, and then i got a v8 diff that i might use. I also resituated an electric oil pump that will be used later on to cool down the rear diff. my New chassis that are custom made for the weight of the sq also received a rear arb from white line. Also tried to get the sq registered but i got some issues that i needed to fix like side indicators and sound proof and emissions

[Exhaust... ]


Started to build my own 3,5" stainless steel exhaust system, you can also se the fabrication of a new diff mount to make more space for an 3,5" system.

[In The Magazine ]

Number (26) of bilsport, the report on the sq.

[In The Magazine ]

In the next number (26) of bilsport there will be report on the sq it will be out 16th Dec in the store.

[ Loads of updates sine last ]


Long time since last update in April i was at elmia with the sq on custom performance show.
sq also passed the SFRO building check so now it's only registration left.


[ A bit in a hurry  ]

I was invited by a Swedish car magazine to a big car show so i am a bit in hurry getting the car finished.
It have to be ready to the 1rst of April,
[ xxx ]


.Lots of stuff was made during the last time.. fan and kardan was mounted made a small wheel alignment.
servo pump restorted. ...

[ some small stanch ]
[ xxx ]

.Mounted the wipers, since you cant order the one with the spoiler I modified one without.

[ some small stanch ]
[ xxx ]

.instrument cluster nearly finished.

[ some small stanch ]

.installing the fuel pumps,, got the rims back from powder paint..

[ pump's and taco ]

Worked on new brake and fuel lines, 3 new 044 pumps.

[ Im Em ]

Em is finished for welding, I also started on the im.

[ collector time ]

I had time over so I started with the collector.

[ No spare time ]

I had to remove the window to mount the trims,.. started to build the intake.

[ ?! ]

The window test mounted, and the rear wing..

[ On the first day there was nothing on the second day there was light ]

I worked a bit with the electrics, wirering etc got a bit mad lots of clamp was crappie. finally there was light in the car, also migrated to the new instrument cluster.

[ ? ]

left side window is ready for mounting.  also fixed the fuel tank and the cap and the fuel house.

[ ? ]

Trunk on its place need some minor adjustment. started to work with the brakes etc. painted the trims and mounted them.

[ ? ]

Front en attached for adjustment etc. started to build the oil cooler.

[ one small step ]

Test mounted the seat, bought some small stuff for the car.

[ would you like to grill ]

Painted the grill and mounted some stuff.

[ coils ]

New coils received.

[ plopping the pistons in ]

Putted in the pistons in to the block. slowly the engine coming together.

[ Griddle ]

Got the griddle today seams ok. so now its the time to start to put the engine together.

[ trucking.. ]

Mounted nearly all the pieces back on to the trunk. a pic of the painted door. New carpets with Quattro logo.

[ a lot of .. ]

Mounted the Aero Catch Hood Pins.  Got some Audi parts. a picture of my corner in the garage, sq is covered jut for the paint to rest.

[ colour to the people.. ]

body got painted JIPIII.

[ more.. ]

body on its way to paint shop. Received some rare Audi parts.

[ paint ]

All lose parts are back from paint.

[ engine parts ]

Fixed the ring gap on all rings and mounted the rods.

[ engine parts ]

Got some stuff back from LIBA motor today. Now everything is weight balanced 100%

[ painting ]

painted the interior today. Received some parts.

[ preparing it for painting ]

preparing for paint

[ grinding ]

[ sunny day ]

Took it out to clan it a bit from the dust of grinding.  rebuild the centre console an tried out a seat in the car. also rebuild the gearbox linkage

[ fibre glass > blah ]

Grinding is not so fun. some more toys.

[ working in a coal mine ]

removed the s2 gearbox and replace it with an s4 gearbox. fenders are glued on now. upgraded the rear stick with a short shifter.

[ 3 days left of the vacation ]

Fixed the rust above the rear tail light, and mounted the front headlights

[ 4 days left of the vacation]

95% done on the rear fenders.

[ 5 days left of the vacation ]

Replaced all the bearings and mounted the front brakes with ebc yellow stuff. Front is mounted fenders to. only some minor adjustment left to do. Tried to mount the BBS rims, but I noticed that I need spacers..

[ 6 days left of the vacation ]

Bought an intercooler for the sport Quattro, and mounted it.

[ no topic ]

Started to resituate the bbs rims (before and after). Received some parts, short shifter alu radiator, vband clamps, fpr, filter flywheel etc. and last pic results of the rims

[ built proof box ]

Got a new gearbox the strongest one :). Also received some other parts.

[ on the move ]

Did some minor adjustment to fit the grill.. then I moved the project to an other garage.. the project Will be on ice a while. I removed the engine loom puh.

[ time to grill]

Got my front grill so now I can start to grill.

[ work work work ]

Started to build the inner fender it goes relay slow.

[ more candy ]
2008-02-30-> 04-06

Bought some parts 4p belts and hood locks and a big wg. Also made a jig for the turbo.
finished restoring the drive shafts today, there is also a pic on the headlight..

[ Back to the interior ]

Made some progress on the interior.


[ take care ]

Finally I started to fix the rust on the a pillar in the lower corner of the window. Nearly finished one side today. the other side tomorrow.. Also found some rust under the sunroof.


[ iam working to slow ]

I finished the engine mounts note the yellow polymethan. Also did some work on the cage, only the welding part left. also removed the rear window, will polish it and see if the scratches will go away else I will put in lexan.


[ engine mounts ]

Anton made some engine mounts to me. now I only need a part of polymethan to each mount..

[ suspension ]

Mounted the a arms and coilover in front, tomorrow I will mount the rear one. finished the rear suspension, so now we got a rolling chassis.

[ fooling around ]

Just lifted in the engine and the gearbox to see if everything can fit i can se that its much les space here than the ABT c5. i remover the rear A-arms to replace the bushes (this is a before picture

[ I hate rust ]

removed the wind screen and found some rust.. i also replaced the bushes to nice derlin bushes from 034motorsport.

[ hmm ]

Test painted the engine bay,

[it's cold]

Gearbox and engine are mounted together (this engine is only for temporary use, i will start build the real engine asp i got enough money). making the vent holes in the hood. and a pic off the coilover. also in Gatbilar.se my project was announced as interesting project of the month.


After some grinding and some paint it looks like new. Made some room for the down pipe now it fits up to 5". I also mounted the bush for the rear diff mount it cracked so i had to welt it.

[it's x-mas]

Received the big box with my new turbo and tots of other nice stuff. rusty need to be sanded

[Block and Gearbox]

Removed the block and gearbox from the donor at Saturday

[hood and evo wing]

Picked up my hood ant the wing today, thx for the help Thomas E

[5 bolt]

Now is the drive train mounted with alu subframe bushes and 5 bolted hubs.

[drive train]

this evening i dismounted the front and rear subframe.

[dismounting some parts]

Dismounted some parts from the donor car.

[valve cower]

The new valve cower is finished. Oil catch tank nearly finished.

[It's x-mas]

Received a box with some engine parts subframe bushes, also test mounted the dash.

[more caged stuff]

Started to weld a bit..


Started to mount and adjust the cage, got some connectors, some more pics on the cage.


Started to build a new dash. test mounting in the car

[fuel cap]

New fuel cap,

[No engine]

33 cm ground Clarence hmm. its not a jeep i am building. must be lowered. pic on the battery box. have started with the safety cage. Bought a instrument cluster. just love eBay

[No engine]

The old engine is out. Did some welding under, and mounted a battery box under the rear seat, took the battery box from the s2,

[Get caged]

The cage arrived today, and the old engine is on its way out.. sharing garage

[the donor]

This car will be the donor.

[high like a jeep]

This car will have to be lowered that's for shore. the eBay item is here to.

[Side skids]

working a bit on the side skids.

[The turning]

Sport Quattro turning lights just received them

[A teaser]

I did some test mounting today used tape to attach them.  i still got some welding to do etc

[Work work work]

I removed tot 10Kg of noise killing material on the floor inside. Throw away the old front fenders. Plugged one old hole for an antenna.
I Also received the fenders and the bumpers today.

[let me present to you ....  shorty]
Before After  
[planning and start of the spq project]

Started to dismount everything

[The End and the beginning]

I bought a coupe Quattro a while ago. now its the beginning of a Sport Quattro