Car:                        Audi ABT C5 Quattro -91 2,2l 20VT
Color:                   misanored perl
Engine:                  2,2L 5cyl 20vt  
Power:                  515Hp 534Nm
 0-100km/h ¨4
Fuel consumption      a bit

17" 18"
Equipment            electric mirrors, Servo,

Goal                   To build a fun car for track days and street




[ soon track day ]

I replaced the brake pads and the brake fluid, so mow its ready for the track day.

[ on the strip ]

I went to the strip in Västervik to test out the ABT the best time was 11.92 and the highest speed i reached was 213km/h but the 60ft was realy bad.

[ on the rototest ]

A really big thanks to my friends at BSR AB for letting me use the rototest and a big thanks to Patrik aka Hexxon for helping me out mapping the ABT. Here is some pictures on her on the rototest. Note BSR does not make custom maps like this is an exception cause all my friends work there.

[ gearbox ]

The night before mantorp I replaced the gearbox on the ABT the old one was really noisy. I recon its the bearing that have gone bad.

I also found out after mantorp that I had a melt down in the cat
[ on the move ]

Moved the car to the other garage.

[ not much lest to do ]

The headlights is mounted also the ic.

This is the first time it leave garage in a long long time. Mapping will be made in the spring
[ key problem and startup ]

The ignition key cylinder broke down on Saturday when i was suppose to start i had a lot of trouble replacing it had to drill a hole to get out the lock cylinder. and that i had to do with out removing the dash.

on the 1rst pic you can se where i need to drill. 2nd pic it the broken one. 3rd drilling on a donor one trying to find lock to push. 4th found it and removed the lock I also managed to start the engine today whoho (click on the pic to se the movie clip)
[ status now ]

this it how it looks now

ran out of clips, have to get more. Modified a fuel line.
[ leak ]

had a small leak in the water pipe so i hat to dismount everything and weld it, i also mounted the fpr and a fuel line.

[ If a day was 36h i would be finished a long time ago ]

heat cower made, and fuel rail and injectors mounted.

Got some disks from Johan that i am thinking off using 365x32mm from Rs4.
[ one step closer ]

Oil radiator test mounted, new mountings for the radiator was made. Also mounted some houses, need to buy some clamps and some new vacuum houses on Monday.

[ time ]

Timing belt is mounted and a new holder for the trigger sensor is builder.

a overview pic.
[ down pipe ]

Rebuilded the down pipe added a flex pipe, i forgot that before. down pipe is mounted.

[ pipes and trigger ]

The SGR (Gordon and Wigge) team helped me out with some tig welding, Gordon also mounted my trigger wheal.

[ Turbo is back in ]

Turbine housing is back from coating nice jobb, turbo is mounted.

[ it's in ]

Top is now mounted. I was suppose to put in the camshafts but it seams that i have lost the locking tool.

Down pipe is finished and wrapped, and the turbo supporter is nearly ready. 2007-07-10 Cams are in. the turbine housing is sent away on coating.
[ top ]

Made some minor progress, the valves and springs are in, started to make a supporter for the turbo.

[ pipes etc ]

Made some pipes and also bought new headlights a while ago.

[ no big progress ]

The Teflon houses are ready and i did a test mount.

the top is delayed so i wont get it before 4 weeks :(
[  das pumpen si bitte ]

The 2 044 are mounted. now i need

 to get the catch tank welded.
[  snake nest ]

some new pics on my em

some engine new mounts mounted Replaced the lamp in the display
[ wavvaweewa ]

Received some speed parts really fast delivery :) Thanks Javad. A Tial wg F46 with some engine and gearbox mounts.

[ ratatatatattttaa ]

Als is good to have therefore i use a big solenoid, and fpr for the primary pump.

[ got some spare time ]

some work on fuel pumps and filters.

mounted the rear arb.
[ got some spare time ]

done some work, a bracket for the mat/map sensor, and started to rebuild the cooling system.

[ Finally my le Mans ]

got them today :) .

[ Moving the servo ]

Made a new bracket for the servo.

[ Fuel pressure regulator]

More stach. An 10 in and an6 out.

[ Rear arb]

My whiteline rear arb got here toay.

[a flange just arrived]

The intake flange just arrived

[More boost needs more fuel]

2 x 044 pumps and 2 fuel filters, and the material for the catch tank.

One piece for the catch tank  
[No more japps style now its back to German exhaust style]

Removed the japps silentser and its now 3" all the way.

looks much nicer and cleaner.  
[you can never get enough fuel -part 2]

pic on the 13mm and 10mm fuel lines. and fuel pump holder,

The output on the fuel tank, is modified and the returline. the 040 pump is going to fill the catch tank more about it soon  
[you can never get enough fuel]

While waiting i tear down the old fuel lines, i am going to use 12mm and 10mm fuel lines.


My new injectors will flow 1600cc

  some drawings on my plenum some idea ho it would look like
[stowing it in]

The block is in.. now i only have to put the valves in to the top

  and then build a im  
[testing testing...]

Did some fitting test, to get a kind

off idea how it is going to look.  some flanges for next years project,
[pistons are in...]

assembled pistons on to the rods and fitted them in to the block

Moment 22  
[Bla bla Bla...]

Fixed the piston rings.

Every things goes to slowly Some new tyers Dunlop direzza :)
[Ganz neue ölpumpe]

Seb did it again helpt me out.

[Block no 29 probably a motorsport block]

My friend in Germany helped me a while ago to find a new block and he found one, the funny thing is that it have serial no 29. so it's probably a motorsport block.

When i got the block back from boreing and the crank balancing, i cleaned it up. Painted the block and putted the crank in. i could not continue because i am missing the oil pump and spiro locks for the pistons.  
[Block is junk]
Tried to bore the block but the damage was so bad that it was no use, so it just became a boat anchor.    
[Engine parts]
Got some parts now seals, bolts, and berings.
[Gearstic cover]
During waiting on parts and get the block and the banaced crank i did some stuff. Made a plate in alu first,
and then one in cabon,and now i finished it, but i don't know if i am going to use it? and now i finished it, but i don't know if i am going to use it?
[Block and Crank]
Look! a Audi A3 loaded with a 5cyl engine =P. left block to get it bored, and the crank fore balancing.
New pistons, Just got em nice. They are approximately 100g lighter than original piston. I just say "me like" =)
[Advance porting and portmaching]
Started out to do some more porting on the exhaust side there is more to peal off. hopefully it will gain some hp =)
portmaching and adjustment was a bit easier.