[Friends Audiz]

[ Rattracing.com ]
one more crazy Audi dude, he got a rely nice TT
[ Lamborghini.Gallardo.Se ]
lovely car lovely engine sound
[ audimotorsport.se ]
nice projects by Peter IMSA, SQ, S1
[ Forsbergsracing.se ]
a friend with a realy nice and fast s2 ,


[ Audi club Sweden ]


[ BSR ]
The tuning No1 site, also my sponsor please visit their site.

[ KRB trading ]
Norwegian audi tuner, also my sponsor please visit their site.

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[ Danica Racing ]
[ 93SSR.com ]
Edstrand's saab

[Forums Audi related etc]

[ s2 forum ]
a English forum for s2 owners.
[ Motorgeek ]
a American Audi forum 
[ VagCat ]
Vag cataloge online

[Audi S2 Wiring Diagrams Component Reference Lookup]

[Audi S2 Wiring Diagrams]


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[ Teleborgs bilservice ]
En av mina sponsorer rekomenderas varmt.

[ Autobay ]
a shop near you, I am he's sponsor