2017-02-10   Facebook.
2015-05-17   Youtube chanel added

2014-09-27   Trackday event at gatebil [clip1] [clip2]
2014-08-23   [World record holder with the Sportquattro fastest time 9,63s on 1/4mile.]
2014-08-02   [Action meet Dragracing event best et 9.89s]
2014-06-14   [Trackday event at GateBil Mantorp]
2014-05-23   Superstage [clip1] [clip2] [bloopers]
2014-05-17   [EDPS emmaboda Dragracing event best et 10.0s]
2009-08-08   A really big thanks to my friends at BSR AB for letting me use the rototest and a big thanks to Patrik aka Hexon for helping me out mapping the ABT.
2008-10-28   LIBA Motor finished some balancing and weight adjusting of the chrank rods pistons etc.
2008-10-18    Sportquattro is waiting for paintjob :)
2006-05-01    Was out on a Audi meting today it was fun, wet, cold,, did some updates on the web:)
2006-04-01    Received the oil pump :)
2006-04-01    Painted the block and cleaned it, mounted the crank, now i have to wait for some parts :(
2006-03-29    Got it back, got the crank back to :), noticed that i am missing the spiro locks to my pistons :( .
2006-03-13    the block is on its way to liba motor for boring.
2006-03-09    Received the new block from Germany. Thanks to Sebastian.
2006-01-28    More bad news :( need a new block.
2006-01-18    Realise of the new KOSTIC.NU.
2006-01-16    Past days i am working on releasing my new webpage..
2006-01-12    Received some parts for my new engine like bearings, seals.....
2006-01-09    Did a gears tic cover plate.
2005-12-20    Left the block for bore and the crank for balance..
2005-12-19    Received my new je pistons.
2005-09-24    Pictures from today in Anderstorp. Thanks to Filemon Racing for the invitation.
2005-09-11    Now i have to build a new engine.
2005-09-10    A Black day in my car's story today i blowed the engine,
2005-08-30    Added some new info, new pics
2004-07-30    Audi summer meet 2004 in Frankenberg
2004-07-24    Uråsa raceway. did my best Et 12,1s in 1/4mile and 187Km/h
2004-07-06    Polished the dump witch i got from koenigsegg
2004-07-03    Mounted new powerflex bushes.
2004-06-30    kicked some as on Anderstorp, it was very funny.
2004-05-22    Fixed the problem so tomorrow i will kick some as
2004-05-20    Test drove the car on the super stage.. didn't went so good had some tec problems :(
2004-05-10    Injured my fingers (broke them) on the calliper.
2004-05-02    Test drove the car on the strip 12,3s 181,8 Km/h
2004-04-02    Car is up and running.. test drove it. and 9-12Apr it's going to be on custom motor show
2004-03-04    Mounted my new seats :)
2004-01-05    Got the new fuel pump today.. started to install it.
2003-12-26    Working on the new page.
2003-09-27    Drove the car today. added some new pictures.
2003-09-27    Tried it out it works fine..  =)
2003-09-26    got de cylinder head today. Kalle P did a nice flow prep to my top
                     New valves fitted so tomorrow we will se
2003-08-31    found the leak!! to bad that i didn't yesterday =| .
2003-08-30    tried out the car on the tracks. i had a leak so it did´t go so god =( .
2003-08-28    today i mounted my brakes. And received my gauges. =P
2003-08-27    mounted the new ic.
2003-08-20    added some pics.
2003-08-18    Rebuild the inlet and the ic.. now i have to mount it.
2003-07-28    Drove a bit whit it.. i have to map it... =( having trouble to find one to map it.
2003-07-28    Added some pictures.. ot the engine and chaise
2003-07-27    Mounted windows, doors and mother stuff. Started it for the first time =)
                     More pictures added soon...
2003-07-26    Received the car today from the vcar painter... have a lot to do =/
2003-07-14    Received manifold. uff but i still got a lot of work left=/
2003-06-16    Received turbo cooler pipes today,, but no manifold =/
2003-06-12    Got the information that the manifold is delayed again to bad =(
2003-06-08    Drove the car to the painter.
2003-06-01     Fitted the engine back in to the car.
    Did some
engine work. fitted all new parts with a friend of my.
2003-05-29    Removed the
engine from the car.

                           Did a lot before this dates....