Welcome to KOSTIC.NU
Kostic.nu was founded in the early y2k by me Slobodan Kostic alias Zlobo. My inspiration comes from the early
5 cyl engines, like those in imsa gto series and s1.
My goal with my ABT C5 it to make it suitable for street and track usage.

This page is meant to be like a inspiration page for
others like my self.

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[Latest News and updates]
2017-02-10   Facebook.

2015-05-17   Youtube chanel added

2014-09-27   Trackday event at gatebil [clip1] [clip2]

2014-08-23   [World record holder with the Sportquattro
                    fastest time 9,63s on 1/4mile

2014-08-02   [Action meet Dragracing event best et

2014-06-14   [Trackday event at GateBil Mantorp]

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